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1 Courtesy Call to Commandant of INSPRA2 Exchange of momento to the Acting Commandant Lt Kol Kamaruzzaman3 Commanding Officer School of Air Traffic Control RMAF Lt Kol Shahfreen4 WGCDR Michael Mastus5 SQNLDR Nikki Olsen6 Brief on Aerodrome Simulator by Senior Instructor Kapt Noorfaezah7 Brief on Radar Simulator by Head of Simulator Cell Kapt Norarman8 Brief on Self Training Facilities by Mej Richard INSPRA Training Design Development Officer9 Courtesy Call to Commander of Kuantan Air Base Kol Wan Amin Hafiz


On 8 May 2018 Sekolah Kawalan Trafik Udara (SKTU) INSPRA in Kuantan Air Base has received an official visit from the Commanding Officer, School of Air Traffic Control RAAF East Sale, Wing Commander Michael Mastus and Chief Instructor Squadron Leader Nikki Olsen. The visit is to discuss on developing a Secondment Position for RAAF ATC Instructor at SKTU under the Sister School Program.
The long relationship between the schools had marks its jubilee celebration for RMAF ATC Instructor seconded at SATC RAAF East Sale. Under the Sister School Program, the initiative is to upgrade the secondment program into an actual exchange program for both schools. It was in the 9th Air Staff Talk held in Glenbrook last year that this idea has been suggested and as a result, the Commanding Officer for both schools has been identified to be the point of contact to initiate this program.
The visits commence at touchdown on 7 May 18 with a sightseeing around Kuantan town looking at International Schools and apartments for future possible RAAF ATC Instructor. On 8 May 18 the visit started with a courtesy call to the Commandant of INSPRA Lieutenant Colonel Kamaruzzaman Ali RMAF followed by the main venue which is the SKTU. Delegates were given a tour and briefed on the capabilities of both Aerodrome and Radar simulator available in the SKTU. A courtesy call to the Base Commander of Kuantan Air Base Colonel Wan Amin Hafiz Wan Mahmud RMAF has also been organized where he pledged to give full support, especially in accommodating RAAF ATC Instructor if he or she were to stay in the married quarters.
The main meeting chaired by Colonel Thamilanthy Periasamy RMAF, MPPLU Curriculum Director kicks off right after lunch with the main agenda discussing on the exchange instructor program under the Sister School Program. The next step in this process will be finalized at the 10th Air Staff Talk scheduled later on this year in Malaysia.